The Inspiring Science Award for the best
published scientific paper in the Life Sciences from India.

An annual award and travel fellowship picked by an eminent jury.

Entries for the Inspiring Science Award 2020 are now open.


The Award and the Travel Fellowship are for the best paper in the Life Sciences published from India. The Award and Travel Fellowship are open to young scientists in the Life Sciences who have published a paper between 1st November 2018 and 31st October 2019. The scientist must be affiliated to a research institution or university based in India, where the work must have been conducted. Papers with co-authors (Indian or international) are also eligible for consideration. However, the Award and Travel Fellowship will be awarded to the primary (first) author. It is open to scientists who are registered for a PhD, all the way up to scientists in the 4th year of their post-doctorate degrees. Entries close on 15th November 2019 at midnight.
The submitted paper must not have a login restriction or be behind a firewall.

Entries received : 162


The jury and the sponsors aim to recognise and reward quality science, inspire scholarship and support researchers to pursue their passion in the life sciences by selecting the best published scientific paper in the life sciences from India each year.


Six papers are shortlisted by the jury for the top pick. All shortlisted candidates receive a laptop and a citation.

The winner receives a global travel fellowship to attend one of the Cell Symposia held annually at different locations around the world, the ISA trophy, and a citation.


Dr. Emilie Marcus announces the genesis of the award and the travel fellowship.

This award was announced by Dr. Emilie Marcus, CEO Cell Press and Editor-in-Chief, Cell, at the The Cell Press - TNQ India Lecture in Bengaluru on January 18th 2016.

"Building on the successful tradition of the lectureship in inspiring students to pursue their passion with careers in scientific research, we are creating "The Inspiring Science Award" in association with the lectures. The idea for this award was brought forth to us by Professor Anuranjan Anand of JNCASR and we would like to express our thanks and appreciation to him for helping extend the impact of the lecture series in promoting young Indian scientists."